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Do you experience a stressed-out team? Is there a feeling of no longer controlling the general flow of the organization? Are there many burn-outs or bore-outs? Do you understand that change is necesarry but you don't know where do start?

My 20 years of management experience in the Contemporary Art Business together with my experience as an energy consultant in other types of business environments, brought me to the conclusion that the Human Resources (HR) coaching needs to be fully adapted to the specific working environment, meaning that passion and true connection to the product/service and mission are the conditions to success.

I believe and experience that this type of integral coaching is very effective in all kinds of working environments. Business creativity, out of the box thinking, back to the basics, new types of organigram are a condition in many businesses, especially in this fast changing world of today.  It takes a clear intention on how to set common goals towards the product/service and mission, on how to communicate and keep an eye on the needs of every person at every moment. When people bring in their dedication and full engagement, it gets very personal and HR needs to support the professional and personal challenges of people.

What I can offer

Integral Coaching is looking at the whole system and then working with group dynamics and with individuals, according to the need. It will have direct results on the functioning of people, on the communication skills, on (the perceiving) of behavior of the self and of others.

Integral Coaching for Business Results is a mix of lectures, workshops, constellations, group sessions and individual sessions.

In most cases I work with business partner MindVille, 

(general business approach, practical business aspects, procedures & reportings, ..)


Everyone is unique, every situation get a unique approach. 

Based on an optional talk we make up a personal offer. 

For more info on the different formats, please click here


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