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Community lighthouse in zand Community LIGHTHOUSE

One of my heart's desires has always been to start a Community in which people involved in Energy Work can meet each other. A community with the intention of both personal growth and collective consciousness growth. And this at the location of the Center for Energy Work, with its magical park domain and radiation-free, high-vibration energy.

This Community is now in place and was named LIGHTHOUSE.

The word Consciousness encompasses everything Life is about for me: being aware, living consciously, in soul connection with yourself, others and the Universal All. Taking responsibility for yourself and, from there, freely making choices and interpreting everything you undertake, every relationship you enter. Again and again choosing to live from a higher frequency and entering into the necessary self-reflection as a condition for being able to do this. More and more people want to live this way.

Tuin 9 sept 2023

Membership in the Community LIGHTHOUSE requires some experience in energy work and some awareness of personal growth.

When you start the Annual Training, you are automatically a member of the Community. Membership is free.

There is also the possibility to join after personal contact with Ilse, e.g. after participating in a retreat or after following a series of online modules.

The price for membership is 99 euros/year. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Member benefits

  • Wide range of deepening in Energy and Healing work
  • Connection with like-minded people
  • Exclusive activities for members (see offerings below)
  • Discount on certain activities/products
  • Free participation in certain activities
  • Priority registration for all activities
  • Involvement in the operation of the School for Energy Work

For the LIGHTHOUSE offerings we have put together a number of activities, exclusive or not, that are regularly organized:



Students of the Annual Trainings can join the Lightwaves for free. Alumni enjoy a discount. Accessible to everyone.

You can find dates via the calendar.

Constellations regarding the Collective

Members of the Community (students from year 2) can participate in the Collective Constellations as a representative. Exclusively for members.

Constellations regarding the Collective are organized ad hoc, in consultation with the participants.

Price: €40 for half a day

Family Constellations/Representative

Members of the Community (students from Year 2 on) can participate in the Family Constellations for free as a representative. Exclusively for members.

You can find dates via the calendar.


The Masterclasses are organized for Alumni and Year 3 students of the Annual Trainings. Here we learn advanced healing skills, coaching skills and there is room for supervision. Regularly we ainvite guest speakers who bring skills and depth to Energy and Healing Work (topics such as Human Design, German Medicine, ...).

Masterclasses are organized ad hoc in consultation with the guests. Exclusively for members.

Price: €95 for a day from 10am to 5pm