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Ilse Grace has also been singing in a different way since she was a child, a singing that can be called chanting, without words, with a height in frequency that makes one hushed and touched
She preferred to do it in the stairwell, in an empty church or in the woods, at an unguarded moment, alone... It was comforting and also brought her immediately to her light, to her core.
In recent years, that kind of singing surfaced more and more and she consciously discovered the undertones and overtones and the healing effect of singing and sound.
Recently it became clear that a new step could be taken in this: Custom Sound Healing, focused on a personal theme and a clear intention around it.

In addition, she also took professional training in Sound Healing Practitioner and uses tuning forks and singing bowls for support.

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Curious to see Ilse Grace Scheers live as a SoundhealingArtist?! Welcome to one of my next concerts!


Healing voeten

Coaching and Energy Work

Sometimes you need a different perspective to thoroughly understand a problem. Or do you need someone who senses the depth of the situation and can then energetically help you get through it. Sometimes there are family patterns or past events that require clarification so that you can place them and let go of the burden.

I help you to better understand yourself and the situations you encounter, overcome mental and emotional blockages and gain (more) clarity, freedom and pleasure in life.

I help you when your body always hurts, when exhaustion dominates your life, when you feel too sensitive to this world, feel restless, don't know what to do first. If you feel anxious, you could use help dealing with your feelings of uncertainty. If you are having a hard time with certain relationships. If you're wondering whether you're really living the life you want...

Energy Healing includes talking, hands-on healing, sounding, channeling and/or a combination of these techniques. More and more my healing methods go beyond words. Working from intention and resonance with your field through sound, among other things, automatically brings me very quickly to the deepest layers of your blockage. As a result, you will gain awareness and insight into your situation, allowing you to act automatically. If the frequency resonates and your body recognizes it, the outside world is no longer necessary to get you moving. It then no longer requires any effort to let go of certain behaviors, to put aside beliefs, to give up harmful habits, ... it happens by itself, because the intention and frequency matches you.

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Singing Session and Energy Work

Singing is a very natural way to get in touch with your feelings and your desires. In a one-on-one singing session we look for your inner voice, in order to get in touch with your highest personal frequency. We discuss your breathing, your emotions, your thoughts, your posture, any blockages that prevent you from singing fully and work on integral body awareness. You will receive energetic feedback where necessary, which we can further delve into an Energetic Healing if you wish.
We start by sounding together and through question and answer I automatically invite you to experience more of your sound. If necessary, bring your favorite song or piece of music.

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Curious to see Ilse Grace Scheers live as a SoundhealingArtist?! Welcome to one of my next concerts!


Sounding zang




Every last Sunday morning of the month we come together in Lier for a meeting moment from 10:30 am to 11:30 am, with a short Light Circle in which everyone can bring a few key words. This is followed by a meditation that connects to a Consciousness theme of the moment. Ilse also sings and chants during these meditations, so that you are naturally lifted up to get in touch more easily with your highest frequency and your inner voice, and so that you can sink deeper into the meditation. After the meditation there is still room for connection with other attendees until 1 p.m.

You can find dates and more information via the Calendar.

Meditation recordings

Meditation means merely 'Being'. Staying present in the here and now, letting your experiences of the moment happen without judgment. Anyone can meditate, but many like a guided meditation, because by focusing on a voice, chanting or music you can more easily let wandering thoughts pass.

Ilse sings and chants during these meditations, lifting you up to get in touch with your highest frequency and inner voice more easily and allowing you to sink deeper into the meditation.

The recordings are available via the webshop in the "Mantras & Meditations" section.

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Family constellations/Constellation work

During a constellation we energetically map your family situation, other specific relationships, and your work situation, in collaboration with the representatives. Constellations repeatedly bring the light to the underlying aspects of your question and not directly visible relationships between the persons in the constellations and allow you to recognize, acknowledge and heal them. Constellations have a deep healing effect, both for you who ask for the constellation, and for the generations that come before and after you, and for all those involved in the constellation. Everyone can request a constellation. The setup is supervised by Ilse Scheers, she works mainly intuitively and involves elements from the evolution theory. The representatives are (former) students from the Annual Training 'ConsciousBeing', which gives an explicit added value to the constellations.

Setups take place by appointment, this can be done during the week or on Saturday mornings.

For all your specific questions (location, price, ..), go to the FAQ.

If you are interested in a setup, contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..