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Cat Energy and our inner fire

Since I was a child, I always had cats and I loved them. There are many ways in which cats resonate with me. It is hard to explain, it just is. Since April we have little kittens here in the house. Such a pleasure! I get so inspired, also by their mother and her amazing instinct...
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So for me it felt familiar, as I received coaching around my voice last week, I was told to add more cat power in my voice, to charge more instinctive deep cat energy in my belly.?
To reconnect even more with my burning inner fire. And so this brought us to the ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. In times of chaos, she reconnects with us and 'burns' away the things we want to change in our life, so that healing can start and we are able to face up to the challenges of life. The energy of Sekhmet has been around since then. Her energy helps me moving towards this new musical challenge! It is such a beautiful, still powerful energy, just feel into it!