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432 Hz Ilse Grace, A Higher Frequency***

End of April '20:  Again Another Frequency! As we went through the process of mixing and mastering the Album and getting it ready for take off, I kept bumping into an old idea: is it relevant to bring the Album to the 432 frequency... click read more

We talked about it before, yet never really digged deep into it. So I left it aside, waiting for some clarity, some reason. And so it happened: I got several signs during the process of the final mixing, one after the other, different people bringing up the subject of 432 Hz. And so synchronicity did its thing: I understood I had to go for it, and my producer went with me!
A lot can be said about 432 Hz, but to put in short: for some it is a music-technical evolution, for others it is culture based. It definitely has to do with the 'zeitgeist' and the evolution in (music)history/industry. Nowadays the standard is 440 Hz whereas in the old days it was 432 Hz. To me and many others it is about energy: the 432 frequency has another vibe, another feeling, it opens the heart energy much more easily as it produces a warmer and more profound sound. Anyway, we found the best way to make it happen, the 'old school' way, analog, and the result is totally satisfying. We hope you will like it too!