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To allow everyone to grow in his or her own specific way and have experience with Energy Work, I offer different sessions, workshops and trainings:

personal session is a one on one talk followed by a healing.
Next to that I organize group activities on a regular basis. In certain cases I work in collabration with Universa. Anyone can enroll according to his or her personal needs and desires. 
The 3 Year Training' Conscious Being'/BewustZijn can be followed by anybody who wishes to deepen his or her understanding with and experience of Energy Work.

I work with clients from all over the World and am available for long distance sessiosn through skype or telephone.



Coaching en Energy Work

Often you need another perspective to clear out a problem. Or you need somebody to feel the depth of a situation and to help you to pull through in an energtic way. Or sometimes there are family patterns or events from teh past that ask for clearing so that you can get the insights you need and can let go of the load.

Do you need help with handling your feelings of insecuriy or the facing of certain fears? Maybe you have a hard time cooping with certain relations? Or you wonder whether you live the life you actually like? I can help you to get the insightsyou need, to overcome the mental and emotional blocks and gain clarity, freedom and pleasure in life.

Do you feel burned up? Are you tired a lot? Do you hate yourself in a certain way? Do you feel helpless in relation to the world of today?
I can help you when your body keeps experiencing pain, when exhaustion has taken over your life, when you feel too sensitive for this world, when you feel restless, don't know what to do first.

An energy session include talking, hands-on healing, channelling or a combination of these technics. Go to FAQ for more specific info.

I offer help and support with what is going for you, you decide at every moment what you need and where you long for guidance.

For all specific questions (location, price, ..), go to FAQ.

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Singing and Energy Work

Singing is a very natural way of coming into contact with your feelings and desires. As a professional coach and singing teacher, I offer singing energy sessions where you connect with your inner voice, you make contact with your own vibrations and feel into the hoghest personal frequency. We work with breathing, emotions, thoughts, attitude and integral body consciousness.  

We will start at the paino, you bring your favorite song or music piece and we will work with that. You will get enegetic feedbaklc where needed. 
Afterwards we move to the practice for a energy healing if needed. An energy session include talking, hands-on healing, channelling or a combination of these technics.

You will discover what is holding you back to sing all the way and you will start to discover and deeply value your own voice.

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Family Constellations

During a Family Constellation we bring the family energetics into clarity, together with the representives. Every time again Family Constellations clear out and lighten up generational situations (patterns, trauma's, habits, secrets, ...)  leading to deep healing. 
Anyone can ask for a constellation and/or participate as a representative. The constellation is lead by Ilse Scheers, she works mainly intuitively and brings together elements from Evolution Psychology. The representatives are mainly  students from the Year Training Conscious Being/BewustZijn which gives an explicit added value to the constellations. 

Family Constellations are on demand.
You can enroll for your constellation or as a representative. 

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Guided Group Meditations

In our hectic world there is often few space for rest and medtitation. Anyone can meditate but many prefer the meditation to be guided.
Meditation in group is often more powerfull too. 

On a monthly basis group meditations are organized for a bigger group. We start on time, seek our place on the ground or chair and meditate in silence. 
The meditation is lead by Ilse Scheers and is closed off by a piece of live music. The music brings extra depth in the experience and brings you into contact with all of your frequencies.

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Tree Walks

During one hour and a half I take you on a walk along the energies of old trees: loving presence, empowering, magical, connecting...
You learn the recognize ànd experience their different energies and I will tell you about their old healing powers.

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Intensives 'Feel your core power' / 'Voel je kernkracht' (1-day workshop)

Do you have difficulties connecting to or staying with your own power? 
Do you have the feeling that you don't really know your own power?
Are you often losing energy? 
Are you losing your softness when you become powerful? 

In this 1-day intensive workshop we work with energy consciousness and we look into everyones personal support. Where is the need in this moment? Are there any blocked emotional energies? Are there beliefs from the past that keep weighing on you today? Which family patterns keep holding you back? Are you conscious (enough) of your daily intentions?

It is a mix of energetic exercises, mental coaching and integration/meditation moments, surrounded by a high frequency field. We work with energetic resonanance and personal mirroring, which leads to mental clarity, emotional release and fysical (re)activation.

You can expect a deep healing and truly empowering experience. 

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Contact and communication (series of lessons)

What means contact to you? How can you get into contact with someone else without losing contact with yourself? How can you deepen your contact? Which is your intrinsic need when it comes to contact? How can you communicate in a non-violant, loving way? 

The series of lessons exist of 6 evenings where we heighten the different behavioral patterns according to the Core Energetics. We do different excersises, mentally and emotionally, to activate the body consciousness and create the experiences you need so that you can immediately apply the teachings in your daily communication.  

The lessons can be followed seperately.

'Contact is a state of touch or encounter/gathering. Fysical touch is not necessary, receiving a person in your own consciousness is. Contact is with the full body, not only eye contact or standard body language. It is essential to be in contact with the self in order to have authentic and true contact with someone else. To be in contact means that you open up yourself and are willing to look within when meeeting the other, not just moving towards the other or focussing on the other.  Contact happens when 2 of more people are capable of meeting eeach other on the essential levels. Contact means you can see the essence of the other while experiencing your own. Contact is the capacity to experience seperateness in yourself ànd to 'hold' that. It is the capacity to recognize seperateness in the other and 'hold' that too. Contact requires an open heart.'

'Non-violant communication hepls us to stand strong in life, to speak our truth and to hear the truth of others. It is the language of compassion that surpasses all power games and moves towards trust and collaboration. That's how communcation can be disarming, effective and connecting.'

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Path Work (series of lessons)

The Path Work is a unique bundel of lectures, given by Eva Pierrakos and during the last years studied by myself. The lessons will heighten one lecture at the time: we let the words sink in, we discuss our high frequency findings, we listen to our body language and integrate it in our cells. We close off by a meditaion and musical integration moment . 

“Path Work teaches us to look into the mirror of life on earth, to discover that we create our own reality. The paradox is that we learn through -and even thanks to- our restrictions of the outer personality to discover that that is not who we truly are, it is about the source itself, beyond that. 

This is not an easy road. The process of the Path Work requires deep connecting. It requires full honesty to take a look at yourself all the way, inclusing the darkest, often hidden parts inside of you. The Path Work material shows that destructive parts of the self can be brought back to their original and truthful constructive state. 

By accepting these negative aspects and achieving insights in the spritual laws, you can free yourself from fixations, fears and illusions. You can discontiue dualistic thinking and rediscover your true state, which is connected to everything. You gain insights in cause and consequence and become conscious that you are a co-creator of the manifestations and experiences in your life. In this proces you don't only heal yourself but you contribute to the healing of the world we live in, the challenges in yourself are connected to the conflicts in the world. 

The content of the material (258 lectures), received by the medium Eva Pierrakos, forms a beautiful combination of psychological concepts and insights of spiritual truth. The Path Work Guide for instance, puts the pain of the child into the light of the imperfections of the parents and earthly life into the light of your own soul growth, choice of incarnation and finally your own responsibilty. Compassion and acceptance are key words in this matter. 

Issues like sexuality, transition from duality to unity and from ego to the self are deeply discussed. The Path Work Guide gives clear and loving instructions from how to handle our own inner conflicts and imperfections to becoming conscious of our original state of wholeness.”

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I am personal coach, business consultant, energy healer, change activist, singer songwriter. I can help you with life changing topics, regaining your natural energy level, experiencing integral empowerment. I am also founder of GraceMusic and administrator of Naturopathica.