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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Ilse Grace Concerts - Fall 2020!

Friday October 23, at 19u, 'Het Magazijn', Mortsel (Antwerp, B): (changed into FB- event)

Sunday October 25 at 11u, 'Het Magazijn' te Mortsel (Antwerp, B): (changed into FB- event)

Saturday November 28, 'Ter Helme', Oostduinkerke (B): Zen aan Zee  (prosponed) 

Thursday, January 28, Polygoon, Brasschaat (Antwerp, B)

Sunday February 14, 2020: Body & Soul Festival


Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Higher Frequency

As we are living in extraordinary times, I hope you are all safe and sound and in touch with yourself.
Music is an important way for me to express myself. It is a language everyone understands and feels in its own unique way. And, it is also a channel to lift the consciousness to the next level, to a higher frequency. For a singer, as well as for an audience. And when music is heard in a live moment, the energy is even more powerful! click read more..

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Magical Encounters

A few years ago I decided to take part in a trip to England, visiting the Ley Lines and some amazing structures and buildings along these energy spots. Energy is my big passion in life and this trip felt like the right thing to do in order to experience another level of consciousness. At that time my dream of making a second music album was in an early stage, ... click read more 

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Cat Energy and our inner fire

Since I was a child, I always had cats and I loved them. There are many ways in which cats resonate with me. It is hard to explain, it just is. Since April we have little kittens here in the house. Such a pleasure! I get so inspired, also by their mother and her amazing instinct...
click read more 

June 20, 2020 is getting closer! That day my second Full Album 'Becoming Whole' will be launched!
It will be a real MIDSUMMER NIGHT Facebook Live Concert. You'll hear the new songs of the Album live for the first time. Bob Seghers, my producer, is going to accompany me on the piano. Make sure you'll be there. Please join us towards this launch FaceBook (ilsegrace) or Instagram (ilsegracemusic).

!PRE-SALE of ‘Becoming Whole’ has started! Don’t wait and make your order. If you like to have an inspiring memento... If you still have -or bought again- a record player/CD player... If you want to support me as an independent artist! The lifelong aspect makes it sustainable, the look & feel tickles your inspiration.  The album will be available on Vinyl and CD. The Vinyl is a limited, luxury edition (500 only!)with gold print, recorded in 432 Hz.  All info on

We have some beautiful news: on June 20, 2020 my second Full Album ‘Becoming Whole’ will be launched! read more

End of April '20:  Again Another Frequency! As we went through the process of mixing and mastering the Album and getting it ready for take off, I kept bumping into an old idea: is it relevant to bring the Album to the 432 frequency... click read more