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As an experienced coach, professional energy worker and also a musician I bring together all my knowledge to support and guide you.

My approach, working with different tools, is designed to be empowering and to give you the insights you really long for.

Hereby you find an overview of the skills that are used during personal sessions, workshops or trainings:

• Healing and Energy Work (Barbara Brennan - )
Barbara Brennan Healing Science has become overtime a well known form of body, spirit and soul treatment, used for all kinds of issues and problems. It is a combination of Eastern and Western healing principles, designed to meet with several health issues. The treatment turns to account hands-on healing technics in combination with other essential elements of therapy like spiritual and psycholohgical methods. 

Energy work, also called healing work is a therapeutic method that works from and with energy. Every fysical body is surrounded/supported by energy fields that carry all the infomation concerning body, spirit and soul. During a healing the work is done within these energy fields to approach disturbances, release blocks, raise consciousness, (re)experience free flow of energy and enhance well being. Healing is a soft yet deep form of therapy that, when the process is fully taken in, will result in an integral transformation, an optimal well being. Healing offers support in processes of recovering from diseases as well as in personal growth. 

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• Core Energetics (John Pierrakos - )
Core Energetics is the marriage between fysical psychotherapy and spiritual development. This appraoch enhances our consciousness in the field of fysical energetics: how do we block our energy and create defense mechanisms that originate from our childhood, and that keep limiting and devitalizing us. Core Energetics helps us to see that our view on the world is mainly based in these blocked energy. The fysical release of energetic blocks results in creating new situations and habits and allows us to break through frustrating relation dynamics.

The PathWork (Eva Pierrakos - )
The content of the material (258 lectures), received by the medium Eva Pierrakos, forms a beautiful combination of psychological concepts and insights of spiritual truth. The Path Work Guide for instance, puts the pain of the child into the light of the imperfections of the parents and earthly life into the light of your own soul growth, choice of incarnation and finally your own responsibilty. Compassion and acceptance are key words in this matter. “Path Work teaches us to look into the mirror of life on earth, to discover that we create our own reality. The paradox is that we learn through -and even thanks to- our restrictions of the outer personality to discover that that is not who we truly are, it is about the source itself, beyond that.

• Evolution psychology (Ignoramus Academie,
Evolution psychology is the psychology of the evolution of the soul or, the development of the soul. Every human being comes to this world with a purpose and a will to learn what it is to be human. We all walk our own unique path where we are confronted with people and situations that touch us, in a loving but also in a painful way. The more we understand the hidden messages, the more we gain clarity in the story of our life and the way it translate towards the future. 

• Non-violent communication (Marshall Rosenberg,
Non-violent communication is designed by Marshall Rosenberg and handles about the solution and prevention of conflicts, clarity of communication and healing of relationships. All we do or don't do, say or don't (dare to) say, is because we live up to a need: the intention of non-violent communication is, when fully penetrated by this awareness, to really listen, speak and live from a place of connection with and respect for your own needs ànd the needs of others.  

• Family Constellations (Bert Hellinger-
Familiy Constellations is a scientifically substantiated therapeutic method that helps people in a most effecient way to enhance the quality of their life and all their relations. Familiy Constellations gives clarityand new insights into the energetics of your family system. It will raise your personal consciousness, not only in your life but also when it comes to relations in general. Your environment will notice the shift in your contact with your partner, children, colleagues and friends. It will not take long untill they gratefully feel the changes.

Sound/Singing  (Ilse Grace Scheers - )
Singing is a very natural way of coming into contact with your feelings and desires. Singing and energy sessions are about the search for the inner voice, coming into contact with your own vibrations, experiencing your personal frequency. The sessions deal with breathing, emotions, thoughts, attitudes and integral body consciousness. 

• Meditations
Meditation has a positive effect on your health and well being, even if only done a few minutes a day.  Meditation brings inner peace. You release stress and gain clarity in your life. You get to know yourself better. You come closer to your true nature. Meditation also has big health advantages: it decreases stress hormones in your body, it lowers blood pressure, calms your body so the body can heal naturally.



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About Ilse Scheers

I am personal coach, business consultant, energy healer, change activist, singer songwriter. I can help you with life changing topics, regaining your natural energy level, experiencing integral empowerment. I am also founder of GraceMusic and administrator of Naturopathica.