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Spiritual or conscious?

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

I understand now more clearly how the spiritual scene triggers me at times — it is not the crystals or the incense anymore. It goes way deeper. It is the lack of commitment to be active on the higher levels ànd at the same time be engaged in planetary change. It is IN the world that the work needs to be done.

‘Conscious Being’ is for me a clear way to describe the ultimate spiritual state — full expansion of personal consciousness, understanding, feeling, knowing, beyond the ego. This is also what our collective evolution is all about — the insight that duality is ending, that we need to start acting from Unity and Connection.

The highest development for everyone is necessary to face to complexity of the world of today, to turn it around into a story for and with all of us, to return to living by values, universal values, beyond borders and religions.

Luckily many spiritual actors are starting to cooperate with sustainability projects, change is happening***

Ilse Scheers, March 2016, Full Moon


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