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Do you also long for…?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sometimes they tell me — Ilse, you are wanting it too much. And my first reaction is to get angry! Why can we not passionately want something?.. And then I feel again what this is really about: Desire, embracing deep longing. There is a world of difference between ‘wanting‘ and ‘longing for’. Your heart gets involved when you long for something. Even more, you make contact with your Soul’s intention, your Core, who you really are. You make deep contact.

Wanting something is different than desiring. Wanting is connected to timing, to thinking, a forcing current, a dependency on outcome. We live in a world where above all the clock is ticking. How difficult is it? There are hardly any mirrors to reflect back to you your deep Soul’s longings, your need for contact.

It is about time for a better world, I participate in that, I long for it, how about you?

Ilse Scheers, February 2016, Full Moon


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