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Glistening Heart

Monday, 20 January 2020

What makes a human being beautiful? What makes someone really attractive and nice to be with? Is it the appearance, the words, the humour, the ideas? Yes, all this and much more. I keep getting the impression that it's the heart, the heart that shines.


A Glistening Heart opens doors that no one else can open, brings healing where it was stuck, provides space where it seemed too narrow, and brings security where fear had arisen. A Glistening Heart makes it flow, brings movement and lifts everything to a higher level, a Glistening Heart brings the divine above and touches the passionate person at the same time, a beautiful heart encompasses it all, I wrote a song about it...


Glistening Heart                  (Lyrics: Ilse Grace)

I will always, I will always, have you here to stay,
I will always, I will always, never go away,
I will always I will always, have you in my heart,
I will always I will always, never have to part.

Tell me, where is the line?
Tell me, why do I feel so divine?
Cause an angel came to stay with me tonight,
Saying everything is more than all right.

Showering in Light,
Tell me how far to go,
Tell me, Such a tremendous flow,
Is evoking  all this shivering in me.

And finally I realize, I start to see.

His Glistening Heart, His Glistening Heart, His Glistening Heart

Tell me, is this for real?
Tell me, will I be able to deal,
With this waterfalling straight into my spine,
And the Angel taking everything to higher ground.

His Glistening Heart, His Glistening Heart, His Glistening Heart



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